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podcast Dec 30, 2021


What if you were to create more of what you wanted in your life?

Seriously, what would be different?

This question has everything to do with your life’s purpose...and if you’re an entrepreneur--a business owner, a leader--it has the power to inform what the vision becomes for you, your business, and your life.

Purpose is something you and I both want more of, at times we strive for it, and we want to express it fully. 

But knowing what it is can be difficult, and living it fully can be terrifying. 

It’s normal to wrestle with questions like who am I really, is this good enough, and am I good enough?

If you’ve ever started a business or stepped into a vulnerable position of leadership then you know what I’m talking about.

If you’re willing to lean into what scares you so that you can build your dream, live life to its fullest, and maximize who you are, then you’re in the right place.

I’m your host Zach Arend, and at 16 years old, riding saddle broncs in the rodeo, I learned the value of trusting the process and putting in the work, eventually becoming a 2x State Champion.

Today I help other creative entrepreneurs and leaders on their wild rides of turning their passion into a purpose-driven business.

I’ve lived most of my life trying to find my purpose and overcome all the fear and self-doubt that was keeping me from what I desired.

I put so much in front of my dream...things like not having enough money, not having enough experience, not having the right team or processes, needing to improve myself, to know more, to do more so that I could finally be who I desired to be.

What I know now is that those were all excuses and reasons that kept me small and feeling safe, ultimately preventing me from creating my purpose.

It’s been said, “A Ship is Safe in the Harbor, but that’s not what ships were made for.”

When you live your life from a place of creating more of what you desire, you begin to live from the inside out, instead of you chasing after your dream, your dream starts to chase you.

This is when you let go of the need to find your purpose and instead choose to create it, every moment of every day.

I invite you to join me on a quest to create your purpose so that you can live a better life, build a stronger business, engage in fulfilling work, and breakthrough all that you thought you were so that you can discover who you really are and bring your potential to life.

Welcome to The Create Purpose Podcast. 


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