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Being a small business CEO is tough.

Team demands, overflowing inboxes, administrative muck, and trying to get everyone on the same page is exhausting. How are you supposed to grow?

From The Desk of Zach Arend

Business Coach & Mastermind Facilitator

Kansas City, Missouri USA

Dear CEO,

When your business becomes a success, everything becomes a lot more complex and chaotic.  It's easy to find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed--and to feel guilty for those emotions.  

You are profitable and customers keep coming, which is what you wanted all along.  So, why does it feel like a 90lb weight on your back?   

It's "supposed to be easier and a lot more fun," right?

Can I ease your mind a bit?  The truth is, it really is frustrating and overwhelming trying to be the CEO while also managing everything in the business.  Also, it is totally normal to wonder if you're doing something wrong.  You're not a bad CEO.  And you're not alone.

You just need the right tools and support so you can be the confident CEO of a growing business.

What you need is a hybrid between a "board of directors" to share ideas along with a set of tools to help you get more from your business and life.

Surround yourself in a mastermind community of like-minded business owners supporting one another to take their business to the next level.

As a certified professional business coach, I've worked with entrepreneurs and business owners just like you--a CEO who's ready to scale their business without losing the heart and soul of what you've built.

The Startup to Scale Up Mastermind is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs building purpose-driven businesses to scale.

You don't have to go it alone.  Join us and get what you need to go to the next level.

To your success,


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Tools to Scale Your Business

With the right tools, it gets easier.  Implement new ideas with the support of like-minded entrepreneurs

Your Very Own "Board of Directors"

Rather than feel alone, get the active input, coaching, and accountability of Your Mastermind Tribe

Life & Business Transformation

Build a business that brings you the freedom to create the life of your dreams, without the overwhelm

I'm Zach Arend and this is the Startup to Scale Up Mastermind.

I live in Kansas City with my wife Shandy and three beautiful daughters Claire, Sophie, and Thea.

At create purpose., we know you're the kind of people who want to be the true CEO of your business. In order to be that way, you need to get "out" of the daily grind so that you can work "on" your business again. The problem is you're out of time and spread across too many areas of your business.  This has you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

We believe you've worked too hard to only have to work harder.  

That's why I became a Certified Professional Coach and why we created The Startup to Scale Up Mastermind, to help you get more of what you want from your business and life.

Unlike many others who simply prescribe cookie-cutter solutions, we tackle the root issues giving you new levels of freedom from wearing “all the hats” so you have the time and energy to be the CEO of your business. 

Here's how it works...

Step 1: Apply

All of our members are interviewed and hand-selected by me after a personal and deep conversation.

Step 2: Experience

I'll invite you into a Powerful 90-Minute Coaching Experience for us to get clear on your goals and make sure this is exactly what you need

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Step 3: Join

After agreeing to the Member/Mastermind Promise, we'll process payment, and begin the new member onboarding process

FREE RESOURCE:  The 1-Page CEO Vision Plan

You Deserve Peace of Mind Knowing You're Working Your Plan!

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"I just launched my freelance business and I was feeling stressed. I was spending way too much time working and not enough time with my family. Things needed to change. When I had my coaching session with Zach, he was able to provide insight that I was not expecting. He asked me tough, intentional questions that brought me to the realization of specific things that I needed to do to move forward with my business, achieve my dreams, and spend more time with my family. Because of Zach's coaching, I am now on the right path to success."

Brittany Link
Digital Marketing Freelancer

"As a leader in our current fast paced, hyper-distracted world, Zach has provided me with valuable tools and insights into what it takes to show up and be an effective and present leader both personally and professionally. If you’re looking to sharpen your leadership skills and develop a game plan for success, you should definitely work with Zach - you won’t be disappointed."

Pat Williams
CEO & Co-founder at iScribeHealth

"Zach is skilled in his approach. He creates an atmosphere for growth, challenges your current thinking, and insists on personal clarity in areas crucial to progress. I've experienced renewed, sustainable energy and perspective in areas of personal development, career, community, and family. This clarity of purpose has resulted in increased income and further career opportunities. "

Victor Irving
Enterprise Sales Executive

"Zach is a very good listener and takes where you currently are, places it in the context of where you'd like to be, and helps you work through the steps it takes to get to the goal. The thing that separates Zach from others is that he truly cares about the person sitting across from him and sees them as someone who is dealing with meaningful issues that if overcome, will allow them to make the world a better place."

Adrian Chapman
Owner - Cover 3 Consulting

"Zach was always eager to learn, listen, and truly understand whatever issues I was running into. I worked with Zach for almost two years and I found his vulnerability, communication, and vision incredibly refreshing and motivating. His guidance helped me stay above problems rather than got bogged down by them, which ultimately helped me find success. If you are hoping to take the next step in your career or life, Zach would be a tremendous resource."

Kirk M.
UX/UI Design

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FREE RESOURCE:  The 1-Page CEO Vision Plan

You Deserve Peace of Mind Knowing You're Working Your Plan!

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