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How CEOs Can Get Back 10 Hours a Week

Nov 12, 2020

What would you do if you could get 10 hours a week back in your business?

So many small business entrepreneurs are running fast toward burnout.  

It's tough being the CEO and wearing "all the hats" inside your business.  Women entrepreneurs, especially!  (My wife and several others I know take it to a whole new level--they are amazing!)

No matter who you are, if you own your own business, then you are the CEO.

And I'm on a mission to not let your business run you.  Life is too amazing to spend it behind a laptop 24/7! 

Let me share a story with you about how one of my clients took charge of her day and freed up 10 hours a week!

I'll walk you through the 5 steps she took in her business to find the freedom she wanted.  She's just getting started, but the progress she's made in the past six months is amazing!




One of my clients recently freed up two hours a day during her workday to spend however she wants.


She's an...

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The Real Reason You're So Busy (It's Not What You Think)

May 21, 2020

Why are you so busy?  

No really...what is it that has you feeling so busy?

I've got a bold claim to share with you as to why I think you're so busy...and it's not because you're not "managing your time" well.  It's much deeper than that.

As you become more aware of what's really causing you to feel busy, you can choose to change what's no longer serving you so that you can get more done, with less stress, and have more energy to do more of what you love to do!



In this video, we'll explore why busyness is so pervasive in our culture today.

As you increase your awareness on this topic you'll prove to yourself that you're not as busy as you think you are...and a lot can change really fast!


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The Real Reason You're So Busy (It's Not What You Think)


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The Silver Bullet to Setting Daily Goals

May 07, 2020

What if there were a silver bullet to showing up more powerfully and accomplishing what you desire each and every day?

Research has proven there is and it can increase your chances of success by 66%! 

This simple practice can be a game-changer if you're a parent, leader, or influencer. 

If how you show up, how you manage your energy, and where your focus goes on a given day is key to your results...Then this will make a BIG difference!



In this video, you'll learn a simple practice to show up with more focus and energy to follow through on your goals.

Learn more about the power of intentions in this short video.

Also, if you're interested in the research click here.


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The Silver Bullet to Setting Daily Goals

Transcript - April 30, 2020

How often do you set a goal? But it's...

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The X-Factor for High Performing Leadership

Mar 26, 2020

What is the X-Factor when it comes to you and your team's performance?

We all want to see greater results, especially when we know we are capable of so much more.  

With all the competing priorities and responsibilities it's understandable if you feel like you're only working at half your potential.

A divided focus can really us thin making it hard to show up with all our energy and focus.

In this video, I share with you the number one thing you can do to create the conditions for high-performance for yourself and your team. 

When you dial in this one thing you can expect to see greater productivity, improved performance, and greater results.



In this video, we'll explore a simple way you can create the conditions for peak performance creating greater results on your team.

You'll learn more about...

  • The X-Factor when it comes to you creating the conditions for high-performance
  • 3 practical things you can do to for greater results


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How to Create an Ideal Week to Be a More Powerful Leader

Jan 30, 2020


How often do you feel you're running by the seat of your pants?  

There's never enough consistent time to do the creative thinking you know you should be doing.

You're busy and it's easy to let days and weeks go by and not feel any closer to your goals.

In today's video,  I show you how to sharpen your leadership presence, prioritize what matters, and manage your energy by creating a vision for your ideal week. 

With this practice, you can create the results you desire with less stress and more energy at the end of the day.


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Your Weekly Review: The Most Crucial Hour of Your Week

Jan 23, 2020

I know what it's like balancing a demanding work schedule, leading others, and striving to be a great spouse and parent.

It's a lot!

There was a time in my life where I was running on a hamster-wheel, tirelessly running from one thing to the next.  Yet, I wasn't getting any closer to who I desired to be or where I wanted to go.

If I were to teach you only ONE thing to step off the hamster wheel it would be what I share in this video.

It doesn't matter who you are...the question isn't whether or not you're a leader, it's how well are you leading?

If you want to be a powerful, present, and purposeful leader, this is for you.



Click the Link to Download:  The Purposeful Leader: Weekly Review












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How to Max Your Results With Minimum Effort

Jan 16, 2020

It's normal to want to get more done in our lives.  There's so much you want to do, right?

You have options.

If we could just figure out how to get it all done, then we'd be doing quite well for ourselves.

This is the very beginning of the do more to be more trap, we think that more we get done the more valuable we will be in life.

Yes, this might get you to a certain level of success, but what got you here, won't get you there.

Getting more done, might just be the biggest myth in productivity.

Like anything, we get more of what we focus on.  Doing leads to more doing...when will you know that you've done enough?

In this video, I explain how to maximize your results with minimum effort--now that's productivity in my book.

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How To Manage Your Inbox To Get More Done

Jan 09, 2020

Productivity is an important topic.  Especially, when you have big goals and just can't seem to find the time to create the results you desire.

It's not easy out there with so many competing priorities.  How are we supposed to get it all done?

Maybe you're busier than ever.  But are you any closer to your goals?  What potential might you be leaving on the table?

These are questions we'll review together over the next four weeks, where I'm sharing 4 short videos on Simple Ways You Can Be More Productive, Without Doing More.

Today, we're talking about your inbox.  Where is it? What is it? And what it's not?

We metaphorically go through our day collecting post-it notes from others.  People just stick them to us. 

By the end of the day, you might even feel like you're physically covered with these nice little yellow notes, wearing them as if they are a new wardrobe.

Some are necessary some aren't, how do we know, and where do...

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How to Achieve More With Less Willpower

Dec 26, 2019

It makes sense that life can feel like a grind. The bigger the goal the more intense the struggle will be, right? 

There's so much we'll have to do to accomplish our goal, we're going to have to make some sacrifices, and it's going to a grind...

No wonder most new year's resolutions fail every year!

Big goals require great determination and willpower, you think to yourself.  Do you have what it takes?

I'm thinking that you do, and it will require much less willpower than you think it will.

Not all goals require discipline.  And in this video, I break down the limits of willpower so that you can achieve more this new year!


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Here's what we'll be covering in the workshop:

  • The #1 ingredient to successful goal setting that no one is talking about
  • Why it’s so easy to lose momentum on your goals...
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What To Do, When You Don't Know What To Do

Dec 19, 2019

So, what do you do when you don't know what to do?

Ever had that icky "I'm stuck" feeling, where you just don't know what to do?

It would make sense that it's a difficult question to answer.  You have choices, but that's part of the problem, right?

There are so many choices and options it can feel overwhelming and the pressure to choose the "right" choice can be paralyzing.

So what then are you to do?  

In this video, I share some new but simple strategies you can apply right now to get some clarity on this very question.  

Timestamp Summary:

0:01 - The "doing" dilemma - why do we get stuck on this question in the first place?

4:28 - The do more to be more trap

5:00 - Know your values and shift your perspective

7:04 - What you're really after is a specific feeling, what is it?

11:15 - Where are the gaps in your life that are creating the dissatisfaction?

12:20 - To BE or not to be, that's the question...that lead's to clarity.


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