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5 Miracle Steps to Solving the Unsolvable

Oct 25, 2020
The meeting adjourns and you are still no closer to addressing the issues you and your team came there to discuss. 

You've gotten nowhere except knowing that you have a problem.

You've been talking about this sticky issue for months now!  When is your team going to decide to do something about it? 


Sound familiar?  This is a common experience for so many business owners.

Just Another Day at the Office

We beat problems to death and still are no closer to creating what we want to see in the business.  Seldom do we talk about what we really want to see and how we can make that the new reality!

The bad has more weight than the good, so we focus on what we don’t want.  This keeps leadership teams around the world stuck on the hamster wheel of endless frustrating discussions, feeling powerless to effect change.

What would it look like for you and your team to become masters at creating solutions to the many...

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Some Problems Can't Be Solved (Knowing This Simple Strategy Will Help)

Jun 11, 2020

I remember when I thought that solving problems was the key to success.

You might also love to solve-problems.  You love fixing things and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you were able to help find the solution.

When it comes to leadership (and human beings), problem-solving might do more harm than good.  

You see yourself as having "bad habits" or things about you that "needs improving".  You feel like there are things that you want to "fix".  

The same goes for those you lead (I know it has for me). 

You look out into your team and you see people not living up to your expectation.  You might often be thinking, "how do I get them to take more ownership, or how do I get them to work with more urgency"?

That's just it, you are approaching yourself and your team as a problem to be solved.  

Your "problems" sometimes can't be solved, but you can find the opportunity to create more of what you want in every...

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The Greatest Leaders In The World Were Not Problem-Solvers

May 14, 2020

You can solve all your problems and still not be any closer to your vision.

Great leaders knew this to be true!

Instead, of reacting or responding to their circumstances they brought a new vision and got to work creating it.

There are three leadership orientations and leaders tap all three in their own unique way.  But it's in the third orientation that distinguishes great leaders!

Which leadership orientation do you spend the most time in?  



In this video, we'll explore why the greatest leaders in the world were not problem-solvers.

Too many leaders boast about their ability to solve problems.  I think it's missing the point of great leadership.

What do you think?


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The Greatest Leaders In The World Were Not Problem-Solvers

Transcript - May 14, 2020

The greatest leaders...

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How to Solve Problems, Without Having to Fix Everything

Dec 12, 2019

Often go-getters like you “see everything”.  It’s part of the reason you’ve been so successful:  your high-attention to detail, your ability to solve problems, and the urgency in which you do everything.

I get it...That’s me!

We see every crack and fissure in every process (and if we’re not careful with every person too!)

Being the fast-acting, critical, problem-solver might have served you up to a point in your profession, but at what cost?

Especially as you shift from doing the work and actually creating that bigger and brighter future for yourself, your family, and your team.  

Sure, you’re going to have to solve a lot of problems as you build your dream.  But don’t let it become an addiction.

In this video, I share what the problem is with problems and how you can solve all your problems, without having to fix anything.


Timestamp Summary:

0:01 - What are the top 3 problems with problems in...

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