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When You Feel Like Your Own Worst Enemy

Mar 05, 2020


I remember when I was my toughest critic, always falling short of my expectations.

I thought I was pushing myself to be better. But it never seemed to end.

I'd always find something else to be disappointed with.

This not only affected me, but it also affected my team. I became very judgmental of other's performance.

We'll just say the combination of the two had a tendency to create a tense and intimidating environment for those who worked with me.

At the time, it was understandable considering the pressure to get results.  

But as I've studied high-performance I'm learning there are simple things that we do that hold us back from our potential and therefore the potential of our team.

One simple thing that might be tripping you up is the Law of Dominant Thought.



In this video, we'll explore the power of our focus and what is known as the law of dominant thought.  Learn how to:

1. Visualize what you want instead of avoiding what...

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How to Max Your Results With Minimum Effort

Jan 16, 2020

It's normal to want to get more done in our lives.  There's so much you want to do, right?

You have options.

If we could just figure out how to get it all done, then we'd be doing quite well for ourselves.

This is the very beginning of the do more to be more trap, we think that more we get done the more valuable we will be in life.

Yes, this might get you to a certain level of success, but what got you here, won't get you there.

Getting more done, might just be the biggest myth in productivity.

Like anything, we get more of what we focus on.  Doing leads to more doing...when will you know that you've done enough?

In this video, I explain how to maximize your results with minimum effort--now that's productivity in my book.

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Get Clarity, Without Another Vacation

Nov 29, 2019


Do you ever wish you could just get time away for some much-needed clarity?  

It'd be great if you had the luxury of taking a vacation, but with the business and all, there's no way that's possible. 

What you need is clarity of what to do next and the vacation is going to have to wait.

In this video, I show you three simple practices you can apply today to re-center yourself on clarity and your next best action toward the results you want to see.  


  1. Research on Self-Distancing and Self-Reflection
  2. Writing in the Third Person Helps Stressed People Understand Their Circumstances More Wisely
  3. Try incorporating this into your morning routine.  Check out my Executive Morning Plan by clicking here.
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