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Leading Change is Hard (Until You Address This One Thing)

Sep 02, 2020


You've heard it many times: “People resist change.”  Do they?

Give somebody one million dollars and they’re not going to hesitate to make changes.  

If there was a magic pill that was scientifically proven to cause weight loss safely, people would buy it off the shelves faster than toilet paper in Corona 2020.

People love the idea of change, especially when it’s something they know they want in their lives.  But yet they still don’t pursue it.  Why not?

It’s not change that people are resisting, it’s the thought of losing what they have.  

It’s only normal, when contemplating a change, to cling to what you know and what you already have.  Even though it’s not what you want--it’s familiar.  

At times guilt will arise:  “I should be grateful for what I have.” (especially considering the world today)

If not guilt, then it’s worry and ...

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4 Myths Leaders Believe in Crisis

Apr 09, 2020

What are the 4 myths leaders believe in crisis?

The pressure to lead when it all hits the fan is immense.  

Everyone is looking for a leader to lead. 

But it's in believing and acting on these 4 myths that leaders actually make it harder to inspire trust from their team. 

They think they are leading, but everyone around them sees them as acting out a role.

There's no fooling your team in times of crisis. It'll best serve you and them by ditching these 4 myths.



In this video, we'll explore the four myths leaders believe in crisis. 

These big four myths are easy to fall prey to and might be harming the trust your team has in your leadership.

  • Which of the four might you believe in?
  • In what ways might you adjust your approach to be more authentic?


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4 Myths Leaders...

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