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How to Solve Problems, Without Having to Fix Everything

Dec 12, 2019

Often go-getters like you “see everything”.  It’s part of the reason you’ve been so successful:  your high-attention to detail, your ability to solve problems, and the urgency in which you do everything.

I get it...That’s me!

We see every crack and fissure in every process (and if we’re not careful with every person too!)

Being the fast-acting, critical, problem-solver might have served you up to a point in your profession, but at what cost?

Especially as you shift from doing the work and actually creating that bigger and brighter future for yourself, your family, and your team.  

Sure, you’re going to have to solve a lot of problems as you build your dream.  But don’t let it become an addiction.

In this video, I share what the problem is with problems and how you can solve all your problems, without having to fix anything.


Timestamp Summary:

0:01 - What are the top 3 problems with problems in...

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More Energy: No Extra Sleep Required

Dec 05, 2019

So many of us want more energy...don't you?

That's easy just get more sleep, workout every day, and eat healthy unprocessed whole foods!  

But it's not always that easy, what if you are already doing all those things and still don't feel the energy you desire?

In this video, I share one way to increase your energy that no one is talking about.


Timestamp Summary:

0:01 - What is one way to energize yourself that no one is talking about?  

3:44 - You can have all the sleep you need, work out all the time, and eat like a champ, and still have no energy.  Why? 

7:31 - You don’t have energy and you feel demotivated because...

8:59 - One practical way you can consistently and predictably increase your energy when you need it most.

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Get Clarity, Without Another Vacation

Nov 29, 2019


Do you ever wish you could just get time away for some much-needed clarity?  

It'd be great if you had the luxury of taking a vacation, but with the business and all, there's no way that's possible. 

What you need is clarity of what to do next and the vacation is going to have to wait.

In this video, I show you three simple practices you can apply today to re-center yourself on clarity and your next best action toward the results you want to see.  


  1. Research on Self-Distancing and Self-Reflection
  2. Writing in the Third Person Helps Stressed People Understand Their Circumstances More Wisely
  3. Try incorporating this into your morning routine.  Check out my Executive Morning Plan by clicking here.
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How to Bulletproof Your Goals, Without Setting Yourself Up to Fail

Nov 24, 2019
In this video, you'll learn 4 tips to bulletproof your goals, without setting yourself up to fail.

As we get ready for the new year, many of us start to think about setting goals.

How did this year go for you?  

Sometimes too many goals get set and none of them get accomplished.  Other times, the goal is just to survive.  

Maybe there's a season of life you're going through like welcoming a new baby into the world, buying a new home, and starting a new job.  During these times it's normal to set aside our goals and instead the focus is on just getting through it all.

But you're here reading, so it's safe to assume you're a high-achiever and goals are on your mind.

Resources Mentioned in the Video Training:

  1. Article Citing Research on Intentions: Your Goals Depend on How You Set Your Intentions
  2. Parkinson's Law
  3. High-Performance Life Group Coachingstarting soon
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How To Know What You Want

Sep 08, 2019

“How do I know?” A client asks me as they shared their experience of being in a “fog” and wanting to find more clarity.

We all want a little more clarity for our lives. When we don’t know where we’re heading it's normal for us to question if we indeed are moving in the right direction.

But that’s just it…There is no way of knowing the right direction toward the right outcome. Implicit in feeling the need to have this answer is a fear of getting it wrong.


What if you were to see life as an adventure; a game that cannot be won or lost, only played?


There’s this idea, especially in America, that for us to be successful, up and to the right is the only trajectory that will get us to where we think we want to go.

This mindset is the very reason we scrutinize every opportunity. We have to know that it is the right one.

We all know success will most likely look like this:

But we still cling to the idea...

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