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How To Know What You Want

Sep 08, 2019

“How do I know?” A client asks me as they shared their experience of being in a “fog” and wanting to find more clarity.

We all want a little more clarity for our lives. When we don’t know where we’re heading it's normal for us to question if we indeed are moving in the right direction.

But that’s just it…There is no way of knowing the right direction toward the right outcome. Implicit in feeling the need to have this answer is a fear of getting it wrong.


What if you were to see life as an adventure; a game that cannot be won or lost, only played?


There’s this idea, especially in America, that for us to be successful, up and to the right is the only trajectory that will get us to where we think we want to go.

This mindset is the very reason we scrutinize every opportunity. We have to know that it is the right one.

We all know success will most likely look like this:

But we still cling to the idea...

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