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Your Weekly Review: The Most Crucial Hour of Your Week

I know what it's like balancing a demanding work schedule, leading others, and striving to be a great spouse and parent.

It's a lot!

There was a time in my life where I was running on a hamster-wheel, tirelessly running from one thing to the next.  Yet, I wasn't getting any closer to who I desired to be or where I wanted to go.

If I were to teach you only ONE thing to step off the hamster wheel it would be what I share in this video.

It doesn't matter who you are...the question isn't whether or not you're a leader, it's how well are you leading?

If you want to be a powerful, present, and purposeful leader, this is for you.



Click the Link to Download:  The Purposeful Leader: Weekly Review













Small business CEOs deal with so much minutia...It's no wonder they've had no time to create a vision for their business!

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