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What You Don't Know Makes The Impossible Possible

You're going to discover a new and powerful perspective when you choose the impossible...

It's understandable that we delay making changes because of not knowing if they are even the "right" changes.

What if we're wrong?  What if we can't do it?

If you have any discontentment in your life or feel you're starting to go through the motions, then it's a good sign that this video is for you!

You're about to discover a new powerful belief that you can hold that will take you into a new and exciting chapter in your life's story...



In this video, we deal with topic that everyone wrestles with...the desire for proof that we are doing what we're supposed to be doing.

You'll learn...

  • That none of us know our limits and we choose to let that keep us stuck
  • A foundational belief that will allow you to move boldly into the next chapter of your life


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What You Don't Know Makes The Impossible Possible

Transcript - May 28, 2020

I just don't know what I want.

And will it even work? And Gosh, even if it did work, will I like where I end up? Is it even really what I want to see? Will I even enjoy it?

And then, will I even be good enough for it? How do I know I'm even good enough or even capable of doing this thing?

These are all questions that clients I work with, are asking.

My name is Zach, I'm a leadership and performance coach with Create Purpose. And I work with a lot of entrepreneurial leaders...leaders that have a desire to build something, whether it's building a business, a side hustle, a team, or just building a career for themselves...and not only for themselves, they desire to build something that impacts those around them and makes a positive impact in the world.

My role with them is to help them get more of what they want, from their businesses from their teams and from their lives.

We're talking about this question that we feel like we need to answer before we get moving. And that question is knowing.

I want to hit you with a fact.

The bottom line fact is, you don't know what's possible. It's in that very not knowing that makes the impossible possible.

Now, what do I mean by that? Because the only way you can know if something's possible is that you've done it before.

That is the very challenge because we want so bad to know that our effort and the time we invest yields a return on investment.

We desire to know that we're on the right track, we desire that we know that we're capable of doing the thing that we want to do.

What if I were to say that today, you are not capable of doing the things that you want to do?

You are not capable (today) of building the business that you ultimately want to have. But there's power there.

You're not capable today. But you are capable in the future.

Instead of viewing this as such a finite decision of "Can I do this? Will it work? Do I even know where I'm heading?"

...If we could just lose all that because the fact is, you don't know what's possible. As long as you try to answer that question, you're going to continue to cling to only what's worked in the past.

What's worked in the past has been good enough to get you to where you're at in your life, for sure. It's proof that you can grow.

I'm willing to bet that you're listening to this because you desire to grow you otherwise you wouldn't be listening to this. Implicit in that is you've likely grown a heck of a lot over the last 10 years and yet, now the stakes are higher, it just feels like every decision you make now has more weight to it.

You now have a family, you now have a nice income with health insurance and benefits.

The stakes are higher, it's harder and makes sense that it's harder to step into that land of uncertainty and to walk bravely into those uncharted waters.

(Not that we can walk on water, but we can certainly walk in the water.) haha

So we cling to what we've already done, because when we think of the question of what's possible, while we look to what is possible, well, that's what we've already done.

We've already written those chapters, they're in the book, and it's time to start writing some new chapters.

How we do this as we cling to the same habits and beliefs that we've held throughout our whole life. We choose to stay busy.

In the last video, we talked a lot about why we're so busy ...and we do it to ourselves because there's safety in being busy.

We just keep doing what we've always done to get what we're getting.

The truth of the matter is--and we've all heard this quote--what got you here won't get you there.

The hardest part of reaching that new level isn't adopting a new mindset, it's letting go of the old one. It's fundamentally changing how you lead and how you show up.

The number one shift that you have to make and think about is acknowledging the fact that you don't know... you don't know your limits.

You don't.

Since you don't know, is it realistic to give up before you even start?

Or could you choose that because you don't know your limits, they just might be greater than what your mind's eye can see today?

What's important right now is that you just get started and be willing to walk bravely into the uncharted territory, without having all the answers. Instead, having confidence that you can figure it out, shoot, you've gotten this far in your life.

I'm certain that you got here because you did a lot of first things.

You stepped into the land of uncertainty over and over and over again. But somewhere along the line, it gets scarier to where we're unwilling to do it, we get comfortable.

That's where I believe we start to die. I don't want you to stop, I want you to keep going.

Let's operate from the fundamental fact that you don't know your limits. I don't know my limits. But there's a choice point here: we can choose what we believe is realistic, and give up the rest or we can choose to be like, you know what, I don't know my limits, there might be more possible for me.

The only way I can know is to get into action, and get into a creative mode to start creating the results that I want to see. Start moving into it and learn the lessons that show up along the way, keep evolving, and growing into that individual that you desire to be. And not worry so much about the destination, not worry so much about Is it right? Is it wrong?

Suspend judgment and just move towards what you desire to be true and work to create it.

That's the lesson for you today is the fact of the matter is, you don't know your limits, so are you going to choose what you believe is realistic and settle? Or are you going to choose the very knowledge that you don't know your limits, to propel you forward into what might be possible?

...And you don't know yet if it's possible or not.

But if you cling to only what you believe is possible, you're going to keep doing what you've always done and got what you've always gotten.

And maybe that's not so bad...but I think you're listening to this because you want more and you want to have a greater contribution to your life. You want to leave a legacy.

There's more that you have to give and it's just around the corner for you as soon as you get into action and just be willing to take the next step to walk into that land of unknowing and just do the thing that you want to do and learn from it.

Learn and take the lessons, evolve, and go again.

So, I hope you found this helpful and I will see you in the next video.

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