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The Silver Bullet to Setting Daily Goals

What if there were a silver bullet to showing up more powerfully and accomplishing what you desire each and every day?

Research has proven there is and it can increase your chances of success by 66%! 

This simple practice can be a game-changer if you're a parent, leader, or influencer. 

If how you show up, how you manage your energy, and where your focus goes on a given day is key to your results...Then this will make a BIG difference!



In this video, you'll learn a simple practice to show up with more focus and energy to follow through on your goals.

Learn more about the power of intentions in this short video.

Also, if you're interested in the research click here.


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The Silver Bullet to Setting Daily Goals

Transcript - April 30, 2020

How often do you set a goal? But it's not long before you lose momentum, get distracted, or just lose sight of the goal altogether.

You set out for one thing and get another.

What if there was something very simple that your goals are missing that will multiply your chances of actually achieving success.

There is and I'm going to share that in this video.

But first, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Zach. I'm a performance and leadership coach with Create Purpose.

I work with a lot of leaders and entrepreneurs, to find the clarity, energy, and focus they need to take their next bold move in their lives and their business.

Today, we're talking about goals and how to be more effective at the goals we set instead of running out of gas, losing motivation or getting distracted and never really following through on what we wanted.

We all have things that we want to get done in a day. But so often we end the day, we lay our head on the pillow, and we feel like we didn't get enough done. We didn't do enough.

We don't really answer the question of what does "doing enough" even looks like...Yet we feel at the end of the day like we didn't do enough.

You might find that you're telling yourself things like, "I just didn't get the right amount of the right things done today." or "I just don't feel like I accomplished much today."

Feeling like we didn't achieve what we wanted on a given day implies that we had some goals albeit unconsciously set. We set expectations for ourselves--whether we've been explicit to what they actually are is another story.

When there's no clarity of what exactly it is that we're trying to get accomplished we set ourselves up to fail.

Even if we do set a goal we seldom set intentions around how we'll accomplish it.

I'm a big proponent of intentions, which is why every morning have an executive morning plan.

It's a 5-10 minute exercise that I do and a lot of my clients do to get centered on their intentions for the day.

Because when you can take your goals and marry up some intentions with how you want to move into those goals on a given day, you're going to make yourself way more powerful and way more effective in accomplishing what you want.

There's a scientific study done by Peter Gollwitzer that proves this point.

He's done a lot of research around goals and how goals affect our performance and then how to set effective goals.

One thing he found that was a huge catalyst to actually achieving and executing goals was setting intentions.

He calls them implementation intentions.

Peter Gollwitzer is a professor at NYU and he conducted this study: right before Christmas break, he gave a large group of students an assignment. He asked half of the students to set and share with him a goal that they would like to accomplish during Christmas break, whether it's to write a paper, to resolve family conflict, or to implement a new health regimen. They simply shared it with him about what their goal was.

With the other half, he asked them to take it a step further, set the goal, but then also share their specific intentions about how they want to accomplish the goal.

Things like: When are you going to get accomplished? How will you make it a priority? What might be some obstacles that get in the way? What will you do when you run into those obstacles? What additional support might you need to make it happen?

He simply asked them to get more specific around the intentions to achieve their goals.

Guess what the results were?

Two-thirds of those who shared their intentions around their goals were successful.

And the group that just shared their goal? Almost all of them failed to get done what they said they would.

That's significant! That's a 66% difference! It's significant because goals, even "SMART goals", are not enough.

We can be so specific about what the goal is and how we're going to measure the goal, confirm it's attainable, realistic, and we can even have a deadline...but if there are no intentions set we'll be less likely to accomplish it.

This is why I created the executive morning plan. It's time to center on what is it that I want to get accomplished each day.

I set some goals but don't stop there.

It's normal for people to just look at their calendar and to-do list each day and think that's enough. 

Ready. Set. Go!

But what is less likely is that they stop to center themselves on their intentions.

Things like:

  • How can I show up as my best self for those obstacles?
  • How do I want to feel going into that meeting?
  • How do I want those around me to feel and how do I create those feelings?
  • What support might I find helpful?
  • What boundaries might I need to create in my calendar so I can make sure this is a priority today?

Often we rush to tackle our goals without really thinking through the bigger realities of what's likely going to come up in the day.

This is a small but powerful tweak you can make to your morning planning.

Thinking about the intentions you have for your day, every morning, through the executive morning plan will really help you do that.

You can download the plan below.

Whether or not you use my executive morning plan or create your own method, I promise you'll notice a big difference in how your day goes.

Do it for a week and you're going to experience more energy, get more done, and at the end of the week you will lay your head down on the pillow and you're going to feel about what you got done.

You're going to be accomplishing a lot more and you're going to experience more energy and presence.

If you are interested, request your executive plan below. Use this as a template for thinking more intentionally about your day.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai 



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