Remarkable Leaders Role-Model These 3 Traits

What are the three strongest traits of all remarkable leaders?

As leaders, we're role-models. 

Who we are as leaders will determine the behaviors, attitudes, and culture on our team.

There is a laundry list of boxes to check to become a great leader.  Thousands of books have been written on this very topic.

It can be quite overwhelming and it's easy to get lost in everything we believe we "should" be...

That is why I've boiled it down to just three areas to cultivate and role-model with your team. 

When you become the role-model, you give your team permission to do the same...and this can become a game-changer.



In this video, we'll explore the three core traits all remarkable leaders demonstrate. 

  • How are you doing in these three areas?
  • In what ways might you role-model these more with your team?


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Remarkable Leaders Role-Model These 3 Traits

Transcript - April 2, 2020

What are the strongest three traits of remarkable leaders?

Hi, I'm Zach with Create Purpose. I work with leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them make the shift from where they are and where they want to be in their business and their life. I also help them understand why they don't have it yet and what's getting in their way.

Today, we're wrapping up the in the final video here, part three of the leadership series we've been going through together.

We're going to talk about remarkable leadership and the three traits that all remarkable leaders role model?

The very definition of leadership is showing people the way. A leader is a role model. You're role modeling your role modeling a set of behaviors that you are going to see duplicated across your team.

It's very important that you use are mindful of what is it that I'm role modeling

Am I role-modeling the type of leadership that I aspire toward?

Am I being the type of leader that I desire to be?

It starts with how you show up each day and how you role model.

And so today we're gonna explore three key traits of remarkable leaders and how they role model

The first one that remarkable leaders role model is confidence.

The first thing that as a leader you must do is role model confidence.

Well, what is confidence because what I'm not saying here is fake it till you make it. That is not what I'm talking about. As a leader though, you do have to have a level of confidence about who you are.

What confidence really is, if you get down to the brass tacks of what confidence is it's not a feeling It's not it's a belief, it's a story that you're able to tell yourself.

It goes something like this, "I am capable of figuring it out. I can learn, I can apply myself, I can figure this out, whatever it is."

This is the level of confidence I'm portraying here is, as a leader, we must be the role model.

We must role model that there's always an opportunity to grow. There's always something new to learn.

It's a growth mindset.

When you have a growth mindset, you're instilled with confidence because you know you're not a fixed being. You know that you can develop and you can grow.

As a leader, you're not limited to your abilities. You get to tap into the abilities of your team. That's a beautiful thing, that as a leader you can have the confidence in who you are enough that you can let go and give opportunities to your team, that is probably even more skilled in those areas than you.

And that's a great outcome.

But you have to have confidence in who you are first, knowing that you can grow through this. There's always an opportunity here. And there's a way that we can move forward together to create the results we want.

So that's the first thing as a leader to role model is confidence.

The second one is courage.

Confidence and courage go hand in hand.

Courage has everything to do with being vulnerable, because of the very definition of courage isn't that you're not afraid. Courage is acting in the midst of fear. It's feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

That's courage.

Acknowledging that you know what, I'm scared. Acknowledging that this is unknown, this is uncertain. I'm fearful. I'm feeling some fear.

But you know what, this is what I stand for and this is what I believe to be the right direction, so I'm gonna step into it regardless of any fear or uncertainty that I'm feeling.

If you look at all the remarkable leaders that you look up to in your life, I promise you, they've demonstrated a lot of courage with their team.

It's hard to have courage if you don't also have confidence.

If you don't believe in yourself and your ability to learn and develop and grow, and figure it out and be resourceful.

It's a little bit harder to be courageous. But when you have that confidence that we have the team, we have talented people, I'm surrounded by talented people. If I'm not I'm able to go recruit those people. And then the courage of being able to act and do what matters regardless of how you feel.

It's making a decision and following through. That's courage.

The third one and this one is important, is congruency.

All remarkable leaders role model congruency, also known as alignment.

They are very aligned.

And in the first part of this leadership series, we explored, how great leaders shift from this drive to impress everybody tp a desire to express who they are, their values, and their purpose, and that creative expression, right?

And that's what I mean by alignment and concurrency.

Oftentimes, our problem as leaders isn't achievement. It's usually not. We might think it's achievement or that we're not achieving at the level we feel we really want to.

I think that's a distraction from what's really is going on.

So the problem isn't achievement, its alignment.

We're incongruent with who we are and what we find most meaningful. Or we're not expressing it and it's hidden inside us.

We're not really being open and honest with our team.

And so congruency is so important. You can't be confident and courageous without concurrency because without concurrency, you're going to feel like a fraud, you're going to feel completely inadequate, you're going to feel like you're faking it until you make it.

And that is not a recipe for remarkable leadership.

So, it's important as a leader to start leading from an inside-out expression of who you are, and what you desire to create as a leader. You bring that to life inside your teams in your organization.

And you do that through bringing confidence and courage to the equation and when you can bring those three elements and you role model those. Then you show up more vulnerable.

Being courageous also means you're vulnerable.

You're willing to say, you know what, I'm a little uncertain of what the future looks like. But here's what I am sure of...

I'm sure that you, you, and you are extremely talented.

And together, we can figure this out.

There are courage and confidence. And then there's congruency because there's this inner expression with what you and your team want to bring to life.

And when you can bring those three, confidence, courage, and congruency together. And you role model the way you actually give permission to your team to do the same.

You're creating a safe environment for them to play full out.

I love this idea of go play full out, don't play to not lose, go play to win, no go play to just play full out! Bring your A-game because if you don't, you're holding back and you're not going to achieve high performance. You're not going to achieve the results that you deeply want to create in your teams.

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Everything rises and falls on leadership--on your leadership.

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