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How to Solve Problems, Without Having to Fix Everything

Often go-getters like you “see everything”.  It’s part of the reason you’ve been so successful:  your high-attention to detail, your ability to solve problems, and the urgency in which you do everything.

I get it...That’s me!

We see every crack and fissure in every process (and if we’re not careful with every person too!)

Being the fast-acting, critical, problem-solver might have served you up to a point in your profession, but at what cost?

Especially as you shift from doing the work and actually creating that bigger and brighter future for yourself, your family, and your team.  

Sure, you’re going to have to solve a lot of problems as you build your dream.  But don’t let it become an addiction.

In this video, I share what the problem is with problems and how you can solve all your problems, without having to fix anything.


Timestamp Summary:

0:01 - What are the top 3 problems with problems in the first place?

4:13 - What are 3 useful things to do other than solving more problems? 


Resource Links:

Book: The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller

Article:  Problem-Solving is Addicting, What To Do Instead

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Small business CEOs deal with so much minutia...It's no wonder they've had no time to create a vision for their business!

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