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How Leaders Get Control Without Being Controlling

Entrepreneurial leaders want more control...

Don't you?  What if you could have more control of your day, your time, your team's performance, and the results the business creates.

Let's get one thing clear first...

The desire for more control doesn't make you controlling.  It's understandable that the last thing you want is to micromanage your team and be involved in every detail.

What would be different if you were to have the type of control that you want? 

In this video, I'll show you how you can get more control TODAY!  When you set this one simple practice in motion you'll be able to show up with an easy confidence found in the greatest of leaders.



In this video, we'll explore a simple way for you to gain more control of your day without being controlling.  This simple but powerful practice will leave you feeling energized, focused, and confident to tackle whatever comes your way.

You'll feel like you're in control again.

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How Leaders Get Control  Without Being Controlling

Transcript - July 8, 2020

How do leaders get control without being controlling?

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself real quick. My name is Zach, I'm a performance and leadership coach with Create Purpose.

I work with a lot of entrepreneurial leaders. Leaders that desire to build something, whether it's a business, a side hustle, they're building teams, they're building their lives, and they desire deeply to bring a vision to life.

A vision that, not only impacts them and serves them, but serves those around them and how it makes a greater impact on the world. I help those leaders get more of what they want so that they can indeed bring that vision to life.

So today, we're talking about how leaders get control--get control of their teams and their business, of whatever, they get control.

They have this experience of feeling in control, without being controlling.

This topic of control often comes up when working with clients because business is complex. Whatever we're doing in our lives is extremely complex.

If we could just control certain parts of it, it makes things a little bit easier--still complex, but at least we're controlling what we can control, right?

There's this general sentiment like, gosh, if we could just control the controllable.

If as leaders we could just get more control of what matters, we then can create those results that we want to create in the business.

I want to talk to you about how to get some more of that control.

This is powerful! We talked about the three types of leaders earlier.

There's the reactive leader--the firefighter, there's the responsive leader--the problem solver, and then the third type of leader is the creative leader.

They are the creator of the business. They create things from nothing.

This was where we talked about Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos and how they brought something new into the world.

Steve Jobs created a product that we didn't even know we wanted. That's leadership.

And that's leadership that can only come from being a creator.

Back to the topic at hand though, how do we as leaders get more control of what matters?

A major way that you can get more control is actually found in practicing the fifth shift that I go through in my Five Tweaks to Tap Your Next Level of Executive Presence.

It's a free download, that you may have already seen. If not, you can download it below.

There are five major shifts and the fifth shift really has a lot of power when it comes to trying to gain more control of what matters as a leader.

The shift that you need to make is shifting from being reactive or even being responsive to shifting towards intention.

There's something about making that shift that changes our perception and our relationship of control.

Average leaders get caught up in the whirlwind of the day. It's easy to step into the office or into a team setting and just be hit by a barrage of problems.

You can get to the point as a leader where you just show up.

We think we'll just show up and either play the role of the firefighter or the problem solver. We'll be just fine, we think. We'll get through the day.

Hopefully, we won't lose any customers. Hopefully, we win some. And it's easy for average leaders to step into the business and work "IN" the business.

But great leaders, they show up with intentionality: they set and reset their intentions every morning, throughout the day, and into the evening.

They're constantly re-evaluating, re-centering, and re-setting intentions for how they want to show up.

They literally visualize and anticipate the day.

Great leaders visualize and anticipate the day.

That is setting intentions.

Some of you have heard of my Executive Morning Plan.

It's just a moment in the morning for you to set your intentions.

Answering questions like: How do you want to show up today? How do you want to show up for the obstacles that might arise? How do you want to respond to those? And then what is it that you most want to create?

What's the one thing that you could do today to make everything else easier or unnecessary? That's a quote from Gary Keller in a phenomenal book called The One Thing.

I'll give it to you again... "what is the one thing that I can do today, that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?

That is being a creator as a leader. That is focusing on what matters most and that is ultimately how you gain a feeling of control because the only thing that you can control is YOU.

You can control how you show up, you control who you are, and you control how you respond.

And you ultimately can control knowing what is the results that you desire to bring into the world, to bring into your business, to your team, and live into that and fully express it.

That is found in setting intentions--No Longer showing up ready to fight some fires, ready to problem solve some problems, but showing up knowing that there will be some fires and there will be some problems. But what are my intentions as a leader and how I want to handle those?

How do I do it in a way that's going to best serve me, best serve my team, and best serve the vision that I'm trying to create here?

That is where you visualize and anticipate today, literally. It's a moment in the morning. Where you just sit and you visualize...

What's the day, what's on my calendar, what meetings, what interactions will I be having?

How do I want to feel as I step into the day, how do I want others to feel when they come in contact with me?

That's what I mean by anticipating and visualizing the day.

There's no reason you should just do that in the morning. Why not do that throughout your day?

Set pitstops throughout your day to reset, recharge, renew, and ultimately set those intentions for how you want to show up next.

Set your intentions for the results that you desire to create and live into that.

Let it be an expression in how you show up as a leader.

As you do that, you will experience more control, because it puts you at the center, it puts you at the cause of what happens.

You become the creative force in your own life.

I hope this is helpful. It's just something to carry with you and I think this is a small simple shift.

It doesn't mean it's easy, but when you can make this shift from reaction to intention, you can be a lot more powerful as a leader.

So again, check out the Five Tweeks to Tap Your Next Level of Executive Presence because there are four other shifts that I think you're gonna find just as helpful as this one, if not more so.

So check that out and I'll see you in the next video.

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