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Do You Suffer From Short Term Planning Fatigue?


Goals aren't a place to get to, they are a place to come from.

- Rich Litvin


What's your relationship with setting big goals in your business? 

There's magic in thinking big--but bigger isn't always better.

Far too often, I'd sit down at the beginning of the year and set some BIG goals.

A month into the year, I'd look at my goals.

"Damn, how am I going to get there?

It's kind of funny because in January when I wrote them out I was jacked!  

"What changed?"

I start to realize how busy I am, limited on resources, and time.

"Well, maybe I'm just overextended, maybe I should renegotiate with myself what I can get done this year..."

I was suffering from short-term goal-setting without answering this fundamental and powerful question first.

"What did I want to be the best at?"

It wasn't another S.M.A.R.T goal or three-year plan that I lacked. 

It was knowing what I really wanted and committing myself to create it. (no matter how long it took)

I got rid of short timelines and made my goals a place to start from and got to work being who I needed to become to create the results I wanted to see.

What if you took a different approach to achievement, one that is more focused on the pursuit rather than the destination?

What might be different if you saw your goals as a place to come from, not as a place to get to?

What if you were to focus on being the person that you desired to become, starting right now.?

You don't have to wait for accomplishment to be somebody.

Start where you are and begin to make choices that align with what you want most from your life and business.

It's not always easy, but it'll be meaningful and it's what makes the journey so sweet!

It's your story, so write one that you'd want to read at the end of your life!