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EP21 | Being a Radically Responsible Business Owner

Uncategorized May 19, 2022

How easily do you adapt to changes in your business? In this episode of the Create Purpose Podcast, Zach has 3 lessons for you when it comes to adaptation. 

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And the number one thing I teach clients is we'll call it radical responsibility, taking a hundred percent ownership of everything that's thrown at you in your life and in your business. That's called being responsible.

Welcome back to the crave purpose podcast. Today episode is being recorded outdoors. Why? Well it's 90 degrees outside. And why that matters is two nights ago, our air condition went out. And so it's like 84 degrees in the house. Human, no air flow just got off the phone from the HVAC company and they say, it's going to be two weeks before they install a new unit.

So. The show must go on. I say, right. And so I'm outside on my front porch recording today's episode and today's episode, how appropriate right. Is today's episode is on all about adaptation, all about your ability to change, because this is important because we often forget you often, you and I often forget that.

We're always able to change on a dime and adapt and pivot and be resourceful. And that that's matters so much in our business. In our entrepreneurial lives. A lot of my clients oftentimes working with them, we start bumping right up against something that scares, scares us. Same applies to me as it does.

There's things in our life that, you know, what if I quit that job, or if I purchased make that investment or hire that team member or open that retail space, there are scary decisions, right? Because, well, what if all the, what ifs come up and those what ifs can be quite parallel. They can paralyze us and keep us from moving forward in our business and the way that we desire to move forward adaptation, a client of mine recently shared a book that I had told her to read, and she listened to it on auto audible.

The book was willpower. Doesn't work by Ben Hardy. This book has everything to do with adaptation because the number one lesson in that book that Ben Hardy teaches us can be understood with a simple equation, demanding situation. Times adaptation equals growth. You want to know how to grow your business.

Demanding situations, times adaptation equals growth. We often forget about our abilities to adapt. And today I have three lessons for you when it comes to adaptation. And I'm having to drink my medicine on this one because the air conditioner is broken. It's hot as hell in the house. I've got three little girls they're going to have early release today.

And we had to adapt. We are having to adapt, knowing that it's going to be two weeks before we get a new unit installed. We adapt. We're going to make the best of it. You know, we're not going to just sit in the living room and sweat our behinds off and cry. No we're going to. Adapt. We're going to go out to eat.

We're going to go over to some friend's house. We're going to, we're going to find a way and adapt. Just like you're going to find a way into your next level of growth in your business. I think there's a, there's a, we can draw a line of similar similarity here. I'm not sure if you just go with it because, you know, as I got off the phone with the HVAC person, when they told me.

It's going to be two weeks. What do you think? The first thing out of my mouth was are you, are you kidding me? Two weeks? It's 90. It's going to be 96 degrees today, two weeks. And then the next one is there. You're telling me there's nothing you can do. I even asked if they had anything like, you know, like at Disneyland, when you can pay a little extra to get in the front of the line, you know, I'm like, do you have anything like that?

Like a hot pass or something and no pun intended, but a hot pass. Maybe that's what they should do. And she said, no, it's first come first, serve nothing. We can do. My first initial response was I was, I was frustrated, angry, you know, not necessarily at them, but I was just angry at the situation and I'm driving in my car.

Thank God. The AC works in the car and you know, the word adaptation came to my mind. Because this is just like in our business, we get thrown curve balls in life, in business that we, we have to be able to adapt to them. The alternative is we can be a victim, right? We can be a victim. That's, that's an option.

We can be a victim or we can get angry and blame others. I could have easily been the victim. And called all my friends and just told them how horrible the next several days are going to be, because I don't have a air condition or I could blank. I could go online and blast the HVAC company for not being able to help me out.

Right. But here's the deal. Those two things I'm simply giving my power away. You're giving your power away when you choose to play the victim position or choose to blame somebody else. And the number one thing I teach clients is we'll call it radical responsibility, taking a hundred percent ownership of everything that's thrown at you in your life and in your business.

That's called being responsible, being at choice. You're either at the effect of what's going on in and around you or you're at the cause the creative cause. And this applies as much to. My air conditioner as it does to your business. And there's three things I want to give you today to just help you better adapt because I believe the more aware you are of your ability to adapt, the more likely you will be to lean into.

That next bold move in your business. That next bold move that albeit scary right now might change everything for you and your team and your overall profitability and growth of your business. What are they here? They are adapt patient. Remember the equation from Ben Hardy, demanding situations, times adaptation equals growth.

So. When we find ourselves in demanding situations, and I believe you will get to the point where you might go create your own demanding situations. You might go consider putting yourself at the bottom of a new mountain because you know, that's how you grow. So just keep that thought in the back of your mind.

But when you're, sometimes we don't have a choice. Sometimes demanding situations, just show up for us. They just happen. And we have an option. We have a choice, we have a choice we can choose to be the best. Giveaway our power, or we can choose to respond and move into it. So here's three ways that you can move into it and truly adapt and grow.

Number one. What if, and this is something Tony Robbins always shares. He says, what if, what if life isn't happening to you? It's happening for you? So for example, the air conditioner went out and. Here's the question for you? It's the same question I asked myself last night. What is the opportunity here?

What is the opportunity here? How do we want to respond to this? Because what is the opportunity? Here's what came to mind? You know what? Just got a brand new trampoline. It's in the backyard, got a grill, got a table out in the backyard. Let's just spend the whole evening outside and let's just be hot and sweaty and embrace it and enjoy.

And enjoy and find ways to just have fun emits the, the discomfort. What's the opportunity here. And I don't know. I want you to think about something that maybe is not working for you and your business. This will help if you can think of something in your business that just is not working for you. Maybe you're not profitable as you want to be.

Maybe you don't have the team, the dream team that you desire to. Maybe there's, there's a relationship. That's just not going well. There's tension. What if you were to ask yourself? Well, what's the opportunity here. Here's what I love about that question. It puts you at choice. It puts you at the creative cause of what happens next.

There's no victim hood. There's no blaming. There's you standing saying, you know what, how do I want this to go? If I were to set some intentions right now, how do I want this to go? So that's the first step to. Steer your attention towards what the opportunities are, what the solutions are because what's more normal is we get focused and fixated on the problems and it just feeds our victim story.

You have to be aware of the story you're telling yourself you are where your attention is. Right? And so if my attention is on how hot and human the house is, how miserable it is, how do you think I'll be feeling if that's the story and the thought process I'm thinking about? Yeah, I'll be. Be miserable.

I'll probably be snapping at the kids not sleeping. Great. You know, but it's a choice. What would be different if I said, you know, what's the opportunity to hear, how do we want this evening to go? How do I want this thing to go? How do I want this relationship to go or this, how do I want my business to look profitably?

Or how do I want my team? What expectations do I want my to have of my team? So what's the opportunity number, right? You have to get really clear on where you are at the cause and where you have no control. Another way to think about this is you and I need to focus on controlling the sail on the boat, not the wind.

We need to know the difference between what we can control the sale and what we can't control the wind far. Often we, we just get frustrated. Because the wind is blowing too hard when we could just adjust the sale. This is knowing the difference of what's, what you can control and what you can't control.

Because by doing that, you put yourself in power. You put yourself at the cause of your business, radical responsibility. So are you controlling the sale or trying. To control the wind. Number three is here's the thing in business, especially we hit roadblocks, we get curve balls thrown at us. There are normal reactions to that of, well, it just wasn't meant to be, or maybe I'm in over my skis or maybe, maybe it's just, you know, maybe I'm not cut out for that.

And I think that's, I'm going to say it cover your ear, Muff, you know, cover your bullshit. It's bullshit. It's bullshit because. Our circumstances and the situations that arise do not determine our future, our jobs, your and I's jobs is to hold the vision. What is the vision? Are you clear on it? What is the dream?

Hold the dream. What is it? In other words, what do you ultimately desire to see happen for you? Your business, your team? What's the result you desire? If you don't know, you're unable to hold that vision and you don't have that compass. You don't have that directional focus point to know how to respond. So hold the vision.

What do you, what are you building? What do you want this business to look like? What do you want your team to look like? Because it's, when you have that clear vision, you actually become even more aware. Of all the obstacles, challenges, imperfections in the business, and it actually makes it more uncomfortable to stay where you're at.

So go back to that equation, demanding situations, it creates a demanding situation. When you hold the vision, it creates a demanding situation that you can choose to be the victim of which isn't going to serve you. Or you can choose to adapt and you're going to grow all because you're holding the. You don't even have to know how you're gonna achieve the vision.

How has a losing question? We've talked about that in a previous episode, but are you holding the vision? So simple example, holding the vision is what, how do I want my evenings with my family to go? What type of emotions do we want to be feeling? What do we want to be doing? And. That allowed me to come up with some great ideas on my wife and I we're coming up with some great ideas.

We're going to over some friends we're going to play outside. We'll be jumping on the trampoline and we're actually going to work on finding some other alternative HVAC people to maybe get our install done sooner. Right. But it keeps us in a creative state because I promise you, if you go into the victim mode, you basically just curl up in a ball and you don't do nothing.

You don't do anything to improve your situation. So you have to hold the vision at all times. No matter what's going on life is going to throw you curve balls, the business isn't going to always go the way you thought it would go. You're going to hire somebody and then realize like, oh, I didn't hire the right person.

I made a hiring mistake. That doesn't mean you weren't meant to find the right person. It just means you made a hiring. It's time to turn and face that and have the tough conversation, move on and go again. And I promise you that approach is going to serve you because you're all the more prepared to find the right person.

Now, every mistake you make and you learn and you grow from it. So you can almost say it's not even a mistake, but for all of that to be possible for you, you have to hold the. You have to hold the vision. So those are three thoughts that are coming up on this. Maybe it's an abbreviate. I don't know how long I've been talking, but I'm literally standing outside because inside is pretty muggy.

I have on my calendar to record a podcast and I made a decision several months ago. I've been exploring this word commitment. And I w I talked about it in a previous episode on the podcast when we're committed to something, the air conditioner going out does not keep us from our dream. It does not keep us from doing our work.

I was up this morning in my basement rehearsing. It was hot. In fact, I told my wife I'm like the paper I was holding, felt wet. That's how human it was basement, but I was showing up and I told myself, I'm recording a podcast today. And I adapted my normal equipment in a house is not working for me. It's too hot.

It just would be missing. I came outside and we're adapting and here I am. And that's what I want for you is I want you to stay committed to your dream, to your vision, holding the vision, always looking for the opportunity. What if life is happening for you, not to you, which is going to keep you more open to being creative and finding those opportunities in those solutions.

And it's going to keep you in power. In other words, you're going to control the sale, not the. No victim mentality, no blaming. We are taking radical responsibility. You do that, and you're going to become great at that patient. And when you start to develop that as a muscle for yourself as a leader and in your business, guess what's going to happen for you.

You're going to find confidence and courage to lean in even more so to that next bold move in your business. To facing that hard thing, doing what's best for the long-term greater good of your business, even if it's hard, even if it's scary, knowing that even if the worst happens, you will be able to adapt using these three simple ideas, looking for the opportunity because you know what, there always is one, there is, we just have to focus on it.

We go where our attention. If you're focused on opportunities, they're going to show up, maybe not right away, but you got to hold the vision and then keep your focus on what you can control and let go of what you can't control the sale, not the wind. So my call to action, marching orders for you. I want you to look in your business, do it.

Now. I want you to think about what is not working for you in your business. What might you be taught? You know, a good, good litmus test is when you get home in the evening. And you sh you talk about your business with your spouse, your partner, your friend, what do you complain about? Ooh, what do you complain about?

Here's the thing, whenever you complain, you're giving your power away. You are because we are all at choice. If something's not working for us, for you for. We can complain, but the situation doesn't, it doesn't really serve us. Maybe we feel better in the moment. It gets something off our chest. Fine. But I'm not about that.

I'm about taking responsibility, radical responsibility. And if something's not working for you turn face, it what's the opportunity. What's the controllables. Where do I ultimately want holding the vision? So I want you to apply those three steps to whatever is not working for you in your. And you're no longer going to tolerate it.

You're no longer going to live under that. You're going to turn face it, address it and move forward in a new, powerful way. Thanks for listening to this short episode, and I will see you in the next week's episode, have a great week. 

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