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Episode 3: Coaching with Zach on Avoiding Your Greatest Opportunity

Jan 13, 2022

In this episode of Coaching with Zach, Zach tackles the question of self-doubt and helps you to harness it as one of your greatest powers.

By the end of this short episode, which is more like a coaching session with Zach, you're going to know exactly where your biggest opportunity is in your business. 

If you are wanting to feel empowered to move your business forward with less self-doubt and much more courage then this one is for you!


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Episode 2: Finding Your Purpose with Jeffrey Bornman

Jan 06, 2022

Jeffrey Bornman is a mindset and life coach who has a unique ability to bring clarity to life and most importantly your next step, in what he calls the practice of living well.

From his beginnings as a personal trainer in one of LA’s top celebrity gyms to where he is today, Jeffrey has learned so much about the way thoughts can affect our emotions, our health, and our well-being.

His lived experience of being a mindset coach will inspire you to find what Jeffrey calls your Cosmic Occupation.

Coach Jeffrey works alongside Bo Eason, helping people share their personal story from stage.  To learn more go to

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Episode 1: Finding Inspiration Through Pottery with Susan Gordon

Dec 30, 2021


Susan Gordon is the co-founder and chief creator of Susan Gordon Pottery.

In this episode, she shares her story of overcoming and ignoring self-doubt and ultimately choosing to follow her artistic passion to create a successful business that inspires others.

Learn more about Susan:

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Trailer: The Create Purpose Podcast

Dec 30, 2021


What if you were to create more of what you wanted in your life?

Seriously, what would be different?

This question has everything to do with your life’s purpose...and if you’re an entrepreneur--a business owner, a leader--it has the power to inform what the vision becomes for you, your business, and your life.

Purpose is something you and I both want more of, at times we strive for it, and we want to express it fully. 

But knowing what it is can be difficult, and living it fully can be terrifying. 

It’s normal to wrestle with questions like who am I really, is this good enough, and am I good enough?

If you’ve ever started a business or stepped into a vulnerable position of leadership then you know what I’m talking about.

If you’re willing to lean into what scares you so that you can build your dream, live life to its fullest, and maximize who you are, then you’re in the right place.

I’m your host Zach Arend, and...
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Breaking out of the Trap of Comparison

May 23, 2021

When you compare yourself to others, you limit WHO YOU ARE!

High performers are acutely aware of the stories they tell themselves. 

Are the stories you're telling yourself going to take you to where you want to go?

That's the ultimate question for us to ask ourselves.

When we find ourselves comparing ourselves with someone else's success all we end up doing is limiting who we are.

In this video, I'll show you how you can step outside of the comparison trap so that you can let your own genius shine.

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Why's It So Hard to Know What You Really Want to Do?!

May 17, 2021

This isn't what I really want to be doing!

Have you ever said this?

It's normal to dwell on that which we don't want.  But how clear are you on what you really desire to create?

Being clear on what you really want to do can change everything!  But it's not easy to get the clarity and to really know what we want.


In this video, I share what's really occurring and how you can cut through the noise and become more aware of what you desire.


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Getting Your Arms Around Imposter Syndrome

May 07, 2021

"The amateur fears, above all else, becoming (and being seen and judged as) his or her self."  -- Steven Pressfield (from Turning Pro)

I was 24 years old and had just been given my first team to lead.

Externally, I was like GAME ON, LET'S DO THIS!

But on the inside, "who am I to lead and train salespeople?"

For 9 years, this voice got louder and louder.   "What if I get seen for who I really am--that they see the truth that I really don't know what I'm doing."

Let me tell you how to get your hands around imposter syndrome...oh and btw it's not what you think!


Your coach,

Note: The book I mention from Steven Pressfield is called The War of Art (not the art of war) - click here to get a copy for yourself.

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give: Personal Ownership

Apr 27, 2021

At 11 years old, I was roping in the county fair rodeo.

But I wasn't a real cowboy...

I didn't grow up on a ranch. We didn't own cattle.

Growing up, I worked in a small-town grocery store.

But everything changed, when my mom, Lisa, met Bruce.

As a business owner and leader, you have an opportunity to give your people a great gift.

That gift is personal ownership.

I promise you that if you expect more from others, they'll expect more from themselves.  

In this video, I share a personal story with you that will change the way you think about a key role you play for the people you lead.

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When You Find It Hard to Start (Do This!)

Apr 21, 2021

Every time I had an idea, I'd turn it into an even bigger idea.

It'd become so big and so complicated that it never got off the ground.

I don't have time to do that!

How would I do that, with all that I have going on already?

Have you ever let what's ideal get in the way of just getting started?

That's what I was doing.  GO BIG OR GO HOME, right?

Well not if you can't get yourself to begin stepping out of the house, first!

If you have a desire to create something new in your business and life but have had a hard time getting started, you might be falling into this same trap.

In this video, I share the 3 swing thoughts that I use to get me unstuck and MOVING!

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What Are You Not Saying That Needs to Be Said?

Apr 18, 2021

In our attempt to not hurt others' feelings they never hear what needs to be heard.

If you've ever felt like you're walking on eggshells with a team member, your spouse, or anyone, then you know what I'm referring to.

...and most of us (if not all) have been here!

By you not saying what needs to be said, the other person never hears what needs to be heard. 

You never get your needs met and you go on tolerating more of what you don't want in your business, on your team, and most tragically your life!

What if you were to focus on getting your needs met, to saying more of what needs to be said?

What if "good enough" isn't good enough.

How could you communicate your truth to others effectively?

I say your truth because we each have a perspective. 

Whenever we communicate with someone our goal is to understand each other's perspective.

Once this happens the real conversation of solving issues and moving forward can occur.

So where are you holding...

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